Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Unbroken Friendships

I met an old friend last weekend.

Hubby and I went out together for the evening. And heard someone call my name. When I turned around it was my friend's husband (I'll call him Ben). He took us to their table and there she was (Connie, I'll call her). We hugged and laughed, caught up on all our important news: kids, careers, life in general.

I spoke to their table partners: "She used to be one of my best friends, but I don't see her enough any more to say that." And that's true. Why do some friends disappear out of our life, never to see them any more? Others, occasionally, like Connie and Ben, we run across. Why don't we get together more often?

Is life that important that we must lose contact with some people, but not others? (Confession time: some people--it'd be a blessing to lose contact with them. Now don't anyone look shocked, I don't mean you!)

Do our old friends think we don't love them anymore? Are they caught up with new phases of life that unwittingly leads them away? Marriage? New careers? Moving?

Probably all of the above. I look back on some used-to-be friends and wish I still could see them. I remember school friends. Just recently at a special service, four--including myself--old classmates were there. I wished I'd thought to take our picture together. When will that happen again?

Sure, I'm busy. I have my life, my love-interests/hobbies, my family and new friends. But I have time for the old ones, too. At least, I think I do. I hope so.

Connie and Ben--if you're reading this--I mean you guys! Love you!

If you're interested in your health and determined to spend more time this new year in losing weight (or keeping it off), here are some healthful hints that might do the trick:

1) Keep healthy snacks available wherever you are: in the car, office, or briefcase. At home typing, working, traveling, wherever. Don't be caught without them! This is important, because when that urge comes to nibble, if you can reach for something healthy, it will make a difference.
Choose food snacks that are palatable to your taste: raisins, fresh fruit, low-fat cheese, yogurt, etc. Choose wisely!

2) Timing is important to support blood sugars and not to overload your system at any one time which makes it more difficult for your body to metabolize the nutrients properly. Eat small portions often. When fat is stored, more will be burned.

3) Eat water-soluble fibers (oatmeal, brown rice, dried beans and peanuts).

4) Read food labels and choose items with lower saturated fats. It's as simple as that!

5) Limit refined carbohydrates and concentrated sweets. Yeah, I know, we all like them. But just cut back. Reward yourself with them now and then, instead of every day. Your body will feel the difference and eventually like it! Remember: this form of sugar gets into the bloodstream quickly and requires an increased production of triglycerides (the bad word!) to transport it through your body! Bad, bad, bad!

6) Vary your food choices, stay out of ruts that lead to boredom and bingeing!

7) Make a grocery list and plan your meals. Buy only what's on your list.

And last, but certainly, not least: drum roll - - - - - - - - - -

8) Aerobic exercise (ideally an hour, but do what you can. Anything is better than nothing) every other day will help stabilize blood sugars by stimulating the metabolism and allowing sugars to pass through the cell walls more easily and be burned for energy.

Do these eight simple things, stick with it, and in a few months, you'll look different, feel different, and probably love it!


Many merry Christmases, many happy New Years. Unbroken friendships, great accumlations of cheerful recollections and affections on earth, and heaven for us all. --Charles Dickens


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