Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Dog Days of Summer!

We're in the Dog Days of Summer. 

Can't deny it. 
We go through it every year. 
It's a period that begins in late July through the early part of September. 
Does it have anything to do with Dogs?
Not really.

It refers to the dog star--Sirius--and it's position in the heavens.

So what's a person suppose to do when it's hot, hot, hot?
The energy is sapped from your body?
The kids have been trotting off to school all week long!

Here's my thoughts:

1.  Be thankful you have another day of life -- hot or not.
2.  Stay cool by using cooling units, rest a lot, drink lots of water, eat lighter meals.
3.  As much as possible, do the outside chores or your work early in the morning or later in the evening.
4. Plan activities to suit the weather. 
Swimming, water sprinklers, and indoor activities are better during the hotter parts of the day.
5.  Take advantage of the cooler days to do the things you've put off.
6.  Enjoy the summer. 
Don't let it go to waste.
Just work with the weather.
Be smart.

 Through the rest of summer, have fun, stay smart, and enjoy life! 


Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Morning Gratitudes

Today I'm thankful that:

God gave us a good, safe trip to and from our vacation spot
Grandson Jonathan's laughter when he loved slapping hands w/the other golf cart attendees
The ice cream shared minutes
Good days to have fun
Grandson Wesley's helpfulness in packing up!
The sweet mermaids who kept Jonathan's eyes huge with wonder
Beth's negotiation abilities
Jon's driving ability and reasonableness
Again, time to build memories!

Thank you, God, for a wonderful vacation.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Morning Peace: The After Affects

The After Affects of Vacation

Tiredness from the busyness
Sadness that it's over
Nostalgia that we won't experience that particular vacation spot again till next year.

There's also the restoration of sleep deprivation and weariness
The memories made and the echoes of laughter and happiness in our ears
The faith and knowledge that--Lord willing--we have another vacation at the beach in our future.

Thank you, God, for a very special time for us.