Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Rambling Friday: Happy New Year!

 A New Year for...

Passionate Writing!

Aim high, dream big

Follow your heart,

Follow your dreams.

Use your talents,

use your creativity,

don't let it go to waste!

whatever it is.

Spend time in prayer,

Spend time in pondering,

Spend time in planning,

Spend time in writing!

There are all kinds of possibilities,

Allow yourself to be what God wants you to be!

Never shirk--no matter what our enemy says,

Keep fighting, keep encouraged, 

Keep traveling on your journey!


Serious Wednesday: Time to Move On!

I took a break during the Christmas season. I hated to. I really did. But it was either that or lose my sanity. Lol. 

Do I regret it? Sort of. But most of all, I realize that at times a person has to do what they have to do. Why?

  • Bodies get tired and overworked. When that happens the physical needs to rest or at least prioritize what's the most important. 
  • Bodies and mind get stressed. When this happens both mind and body need to choose what is the most important and what they can and can't handle. 
But now, all that is behind me. I'm looking ahead, focusing on the items I didn't get finished and making plans to attend to these. One of these is finishing the novel I started this fall. 

  • I accept that I may not get it completely finished in 2020 seeing I have only 3 more days to work on it, seeing I have only three more days to work on it. BUT...
  • If I can knock out another thousand or two, then that will give me the spurt I need to head into 2021 to finish it. 
  • My editor is expecting it shortly, so I KNOW I have to get it finished. 
  • I want to finish it--badly! :)  
  • And one good thing that's come out of THIS book-writing is that I've gotten quite a few ideas of how I will write the next and final book in the Appleton series. Good news, yes! 

I am moving on, excited and enthused to finally have the time I need to focus on writing this fifth Appleton book! 

Carry on, writing friends! 

Friday, December 11, 2020

Rambling Friday: Christmas Means Joy

 Fear Not! For behold, 

I bring you good tidings,

of great joy,

which shall be to all people!

Saint Luke 2:10

Because of Jesus' birth and the death of the cross,
when we accept the gift of life from him,
we have everlasting joy.
Unspeakable joy.
Joy that someone who hasn't accepted this
gracious gift, will never fully understand.

That's the reason the angels proclaimed Jesus' birth.
That's the reason, we as people on earth, can experience real joy!

Great JOY! 

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Serious Wednesday: When You're Writing is Put on Hold

Okay, I get it. I've been through it, experienced it, been there, done that. 

Last year was one of those periods in my life. I couldn't write. Life interrupted, and no matter how much I yearned to spend time writing, my thoughts, my inspiration, was gone. I couldn't write. It was several months into the year before I faced the realization that I needed a break. And as 2019 drew to a close, I could see a light...

Inspiration rumbled. Determination built. Dogged grit pushed at me. This year--2020--was the year I would take back my writing. And I did, with tentative goals of finishing three novels. The third one is yet tto be finished, but I'm close and with setting the right goals, I just might burst through that taped goal. 

What do you do when you CAN'T write, for whatever reason?

  • Don't fight it as much as you want to or feel you have to.
  • Accept that you need this break.
  • Allow your body and mind to relax with that acceptance.
  • Face what it is that's hindering your writing. If you can pinpoint the problem. 
  • Adjust your schedule to take care of what's hindering you. Whether it's health, exhaustion, family or financial problems, or whatever...begin to work at those things. Take your time, if you can, one day at a time, in eliminating that burden. It might take days or weeks, months or even (shudder) years. But if you're to write, the hindrances preventing you from writing will always be a specter peeking over your shoulder. 

I'm not saying it will be easy, that you won't have to work at setting aside your writing for a period. But sometimes--not always--it's needful. Your body will bounce back, inspiration will light up your brain again, and hopefully, you'll be on the path of renewal. 

Never quit!

Sunday Morning Sunshine: A New Year; A New Day

 My motto for 2021 What's yours?