Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Day/Weekend

What did you do?

I went through part of the full-critique I'd received from a friend on my romance novel. Of course, it was depressing in a way when I realized what I'd have to change. Not because I'm wrong and she's right. But because many of her suggestions were good ones and I verified some of them with a second opinion.

By the way, she's a no-nonsense person; I'm a romantic (is that good or bad?). But one thing I've learned is, her suggestions balances out my writing. When I have a tendency to ignore certain items, she brings me square around (What? Does that make sense?) to face what I've written. Can I improve this? Shouldn't I dig a little deeper into this person's character: what she thinks or feels? Can't I exploit the plot a little more thoroughly?

Work, work, work. So though it is more work to read her comments (and they are severe!), on my beloved baby, they make me dig deeper. Work harder. Try to be better. And I think, with all honesty that my suspense has grown this past year for all the critiquing my group has given it. Thank you, Peg, Christy, and Deb!

I'm trying to finish up my proposals for two works: romance and suspense. Then I'm moving on to the next in the romance series and hopefully, the second book I've planned for my suspense. Between all that extra time I'll have (wry grin), I want to plot out a cozy mystery to submit sometime (spring?). And I've got three or four other short stories I'd love to develop when I have the time.

So, yes, I was busy. It was a good day. That evening we enjoyed dinner at my mother's with some excellent food. Enjoyed being with my family.

Here's a big hi to two of my nieces: Lecie & Laurnie!

Hope your day was great.

Wanna be happier? Here are a few suggestions and thoughts:
1) Try to do your best in whatever you do. Those who do, feel their best.
2) Remember, when you've done YOUR best, you can feel confident in yourself.
3) Live by your own standards, not someone else's. (and the Bible's goes without saying)
4) If you opt to look at others, learn from them. How can they teach me to do better?
5) Those around you who are always praising themselves, always have to do better than anyone else, ignore!
6) If you bumble something, learn to laugh at yourself. That's a form of confidence.

A story:
When Jimmy Carter was a young naval officer, Admiral rickover asked him about his grades at Annapolis. Carter answered, "I graduated 56th out of a class of 820." The Admiral asked him if he always did his best. Carter answered he hadn't. The admiral responded, "Why not?"

This is something we can do for ourselves. Ask, Why aren't we doing our best?


Life begins each morning . . . each morning is the open door to a new world--new vistas, new aims, new tryings. --Leigh Hodges


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