Friday, February 23, 2007

My forgetful-er

Oh, dear. Did I really forget my own son's birthday?

Not really. Just temporarily. (Grin). I had the card, had the celebration planned (dinner out). Just that the morning was a busy one, so I forgot for a couple (or so) hours. That doesn't count, does it?

Oh, dear. I forgot my purse. Really. We were worshipping a few Sundays ago. Hmmm. Left for dinner at Mother's. Arrived there. And shriek-k-k. I'd forgotten my purse at church. How could that happen?

I forgot to pay a bill, forgot to bring a needed paper, forgot to take care of a responsibility, forgot to call someone, forgot whether we got the mail we were suppose to get, forgot to make an appointment. Oh, dear!

Have I got the first early stages of Alzheimer's? (Whisper: Am I getting old? Shout: Don't any of you dare answer that question!!!!)

Here's a bit of consolation and advice Mother passed on to me: You're way too busy.

Well, I guess. I know it. I feel it. Too much to do, not enough time, too tired. But how to stop? How to give up anything? What to cut out?

Ever find yourself in that position?

I think we need to prioritize our lives. What's the most important for us? What do we value most in our life? Hold on to that first of all. Then move on. No. 2, 3, 4. When to stop is an individual call. Only as individuals can we decide what's enough and whether one more thing will send us over the top.

What can I stop? Give up? I don't really know. I've been thinking about it. Trying to make decisions. When you like most parts of your life, it's hard to decide to toss away something. Writing's my calling, part of me, so I can't give that up. But something has to give. To go. Someday--soon--I'll have to get serious about it.

In the meantime, I'll keep fighting and struggling to reach the goals I've set.

Just hope that you won't soon be reading a lament like this . . . Oh, dear. I forgot my head . . . (just kidding). But sometimes . . . I wonder what will be next?

Ah, is Spring trying to creep up on us? Remember Fairlight and Christy in the book Christy? Climbing the mountain? Talking about spring in April? It's coming, it's coming. Don't despair. But until it gets here . . . here's a few hints for you photography buffs to finish up these cold-d-d days:

1) Safety for yourself. Learn to keep both eyes open while using the viewfinder (the experts do this). Watch for the icy places or unseen obstacles.

2) Use fingerless gloves. Perfect for winter.

3) Protection for your equipment. Freezing weather can cause your equipment to become sluggish and parts to fail. Condensation can affect your film and lenses. Load film in a protected area and keep camera in your pocket till ready to use. Keep extra batteries because they could drain faster. Don't let your equipment get wet. Water and salt are damaging.

The greatest pleasure is that which rebounds from hearts that you have made glad. -- Henry Ward Beecher.



Joyce said...

Yes, yes, yes! I know just what you are talking about ! I think it's an epidemic ! At least I know I have the "disorder" as well.
When you get it all figured out let me know ! (smile)

Caroline said...

That'll probably never happen! I'm too forgetful to remember to try to figure it out! Ha! I just keep fighting it, but is it helping? Hmmm.

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