Friday, February 16, 2007

What on Earth Are You Here For?

Have you ever talked with anyone who just sounds totally hopeless about their life or purpose for being? I suppose most everyone--at times--will feel despondent about accomplishing anything. Setbacks, unfulfilled promotions, rejections, unexpected trouble--they are can force discouragement to settle like dark thunderstorms over our heads.

I heard recently that those who think positive have more chances of reaching their dreams. True? I don't know. But it makes sense, doesn't it?

Think about it. You dream of becoming an author (i.e. {grin}). Do you sit around and wait for that to happen? Nope. You write. You study. You research. You mingle with writers, editors, and agents.

What do you want to accomplish? What do you dream about? What do you doing with your life?

How does one determine if you're doing what you're supposed to be doing? If you're living the plan for you?

One young man I know is intelligent, good looking, spoiled. He has everything going for him, but until recently (and perhaps even now) is wasting his life. He tried college, one branch of the service, and now another. He does say that what he's in is what he always wanted to do. Will he succeed? Depends on whether what he's doing is more important than other things.

I suppose that's why there's so many people who in midlife choose another career. What about those who major in one thing in college, turn around and get a job in another field? What about those who risk it all to follow their dream? Worth it? Who's to say?

When there's that something in your heart that won't go away . . . when something pricks your insides . . . when the knowledge that now's the time to take that step . . . I'd say those are pretty good indicators of what your life is suppose to be. Of which way your life's path should turn.

What about those folks--in spite of everything--don't know, have not a clue, couldn't care less, and/or will never know?

Perhaps some day they will know; sometime it will hit them; or perhaps unsatisfaction with the way their life is going will force them to make life-changing decisions. Perhaps some will continue in a simpler way--like my mother (from yesterday)--who fulfills the role of mother, father, grandparent, everyday person, friend. For them, that's enough.

"Hitch your wagon to a star." and "Aim for the stars." are mottos I try to model my life after.

For me--I need to be an author. Someday.

More hints for your sweetie or just someone special that you want to show respect and love for:

Create your own card; compose a poem or an expression that expresses your (or their) personality.

Create a "recollection collection" scrapbook filled with favorite photos, love letters, keepsakes from special occasions, and cherished mementos.

Made a CD of your favorite songs as a couple including some romantic ones. Wrap it with a red ribbon.

If your friend or loved one doesn't have a green thumb, give silk or glass flowers and plants that last forever. Or . . . give a flowering plant that can be planted in the garden to enjoy year after year.

Personalize a gift (such as a chest, a memento box, etc.) for a man's favorite hobby, something that says "I love you" or "You're a hit" or "Be Mine."

Plan a special romantic get-away surpise for the love of your life. Dinner in a quiet, candlelit restaurant with soft music is perfect!

Or . . . Take some lessons together--skiing, music, cooking, sailing, whatever, just do it!

Enjoy the consequences!

A joyful heart is like the sunshine of God's love, the hope of eternal happiness. --Mother Teresa.


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