Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Next Week I'm Gonna . . .

Finish the romance novel I'm working on (about 25,000 words).
Begin losing twenty pounds
Stop worrying.
Quit letting ignorant people bother me.
Pay off all debts.
Participate more on my writer's e-loop.
Join more writer's groups.
Do something new and wonderful.
Help another writer.
Accept the critiques I've gotten on my work.
Believe that I'll soon be published.
Love a little harder, forget a little more.
Walk at least five miles a week.
Improve my blog.
Talk to God more.
Think deeper.
Buy only the pens I love.
Get a new computer.
Plan to visit the mission stations we want to help.
Rescue a greyhound.
Avoid W.M. unless necessary.
Enjoy life more.
Tell someone I love them every day. (Not counting hubby).
Laugh more.
Hire a housekeeper. (or at least hope more for one.)
Buy a sports car (or a truck).

Which ones of this list am I serious about?
Which ones will I strive for?
Which are baloney?

You'll never guess!

HOT TOPIC HINT: I burned my husband's supper last night. Everything! Talk about stress. I thought I'd better give out (and maybe practice a few of these stressful hints I've been so blithely writing.) a few more:

Get enough rest. (Does that happen?)

Eat right. (Let me hide these homemade cookies Kim baked for me.)

Get organized so that everything has its own place. (I do try!)

Carry a Bible with you to read while waiting in line. (I always try to have something
to do when I know I have to wait.)

Listen to a tape while driving. (Amen. Don't you just feel smug
when you're doing what you should?)

If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast. --taken from Psalms.



Joyce said...

Whew !!!! I'm glad you added the disclaimer at the bottom. As I was reading this list I was thinking,
"And I thought I set MY goals too high"!
How I WISH I could get that much done next week !!! :) :)
At least if you shoot for the stars you're bound to hit something !

Caroline said...

Laugh. I wish I could accomplish all that! Just thought I'd get all you going! You're right, maybe I'll hit a couple of them. (Like losing weight (Yeah, right) & finishing my book. I can always hope . . .

BTW, I'm trying to get some help on uploading my pic that you took. I did use it on my papers I took to conference.

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