Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Extra! Extra!

Don't forget! Interview with Donna Fleisher coming up this Friday. AND . . . she's giving away a book to any and all who comment, so get ready folks. She's got some interesting things to tell us!

Mother's Day Contest coming soon. Ohhhhh! You won't want to miss this.

This isn't really new news. Just the answers to the National Driver's Test blog I did last week. Ooops! I forgot to post them. Here they are:

1. b. off the pavement
2. b. divided highway ahead
3. c. whenever it's legal and safe
4. b. change lanes one at a time until you are in the proper lane
5. c. road ahead may be slippery.
6. c. just when it starts to rain after a dry spell
7. c. until all cars have passed
8. c. facing downhill
9. b. before you enter the curve
10. c. headlights
11. c. slow down gradually by easing the gas and not applying the brakes
12. d. look toward the right edge of your lane
13. b. at marked or unmarked crosswalks
14. c. slow moving vehicle
15. a. the right lane will end ahead
16. a. other vehicles for any reason
17. b. police officer
18. d. white arrows in the middles of lanes
19. b. school buses and passenger buses carrying passengers
20. b. black letters or symbols on a yellow background

Big blessings.

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