Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Upset stomach.
Trembling hands.
Unknown people.

It's time to talk conference. Writing conference, that is. Registration begins this week and already my stomach is feeling the effects.

Some may very well ask: Is it going to do any good, spending the money and all that time?

And no.

More exposure.
A chance to talk to editors again. There were five that showed interest enough to ask me to submit last year. Sigh. And although I've not heard from any I've submitted to -- yet! Remember, it takes them several months (years?) ususally -- if I poke my face in their faces enough, maybe I'll catch their attention. If my writing is good enough. Sigh. Again.
A chance to check out agents again. I might not be quite ready for one, but who knows when I could use a good one. . .
A time to pow wow with other writers. To strengthen my ties with people of my calling. To learn from those in the know--whether editors, agents, authors, or just the unpublished. To receive encouragement and confirmation that, yes, I am doing what I'm suppose to be doing. To wait on God's word to me . . .

Money? Time? Hard Work? Yes to all of it. But is it worth it? Uh huh. Yep. Sure is.

  1. Watch for Teresa Slack's interview coming up next week -- June 8th. She's got a new book coming out soon.
  2. Big Father's Day contest June 12--15th. Keep those eyes peeled!

Want to do more, Dad? Here's a few ideas that will make you a definite part:

1. Remember she has to look after the child nearly all day long, and the strain of this can get her down if you don't lend a hand when you get home.

2. Make a point of listening carefully to what your partner has to say about the child and discussing the child with her.

3. Take an equal interest in parents meetings, and in the books and pamphlets that are available.

4. See that you have plenty of family outings so that your child has interesting things to talk about.

Today I'm asking you a "writing" trivia question. See if you know what it means:
POV What do these letters stand for in a writer's world? Here are three answers. Choose one.

1. Person over vexed. (Person -- writer -- stressed out way too much.)
2. People over valued. (Using characters too much.)
3. Point of view. (The way a character reacts, etc.)

Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure. -- Edward Eggleston



Yumanbing said...

For those of us around the military, POV stands for "Privately Owned Vehicle". But if I had to guess, I'll bet POV for a writer means "Point of View". By the way, if your upcoming conference is in the southwest US, I hope we get a chanced to visit. At least we might meet for lunch/dinner somewhere within driving distance.

Caroline said...

If I didn't know better I'd say you were relation to me! Laugh! Yeah, Dallas is where its at in Sept. Will give you a call to set it up later.

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