Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Proverbs 31 for TODAY

Hey, this is a paraphrase of the original Proverbs 31. Read on and enjoy!

Who can find a virtuous woman? Her worth is far above a secretary, cleaning woman, or waitress. To her husband, she is worth her weight in gold.

She accepteth her husband as he is and hangeth up pajamas all the days of her life. Her children also rise up and call to her for clean socks.

She taketh pride in keeping her house tidy but her family feeleth it can be "lived in". She decorateth her home in good taste and rearrangeth the furniture in season and out of season.

She girdeth her arms with strength and prepareth the garbage to be taken out.
She also picketh up bicycles and toys lest her children trip over them and gets a gash on them somewhere.

She cooketh ample meals so her family eateth properly, yet she counteth calories and considereth high cholesterol. She runneth not out of bread and milk.

She knoweth not how to raise the hood of an automobile, nor how to check the oil nor how to change a tire, yet she willingly driveth to help decorate for Mother/Daughter banquets, youth banquets, quarterly meetings, pastor's retreats as well as any other scheduled meetings.

She remembereth all birthdays, and anniversaries. She forgetteth not appointments. She reminds her husband and sons about haircuts.

She openeth her mouth with wisdom and saith kind words, as she answereth the telephone spending hours thereon.

She helpeth all in house with their problems. She listeneth to the concerns of her husband as the weather report is given and the soybean,corn and wheat markets bottom out while fuel prices soar.

She considereth her daughter as she frets about a homework page or an upcoming test.

She listens patiently to the detailed description of her 6 year old's date at kindergarten. She also receiveth with a smile that specially colored picture from her 3 year old and does all of this while feeding and changing the baby several times a day.

She willingly fixeth many meals for the many individuals her huband inviteth over for dinner. She faithfully executeth the office of referee in dealing with sibling rivalry.

Glamour is shallow, but a woman who hath personal contact wit GOD hath honorable character. She is the poorest paid worker, YET she is the richest, because she is the most loved . . .

Got the garden fever? Here are a few hints to make your gardening smoother . . .
  • Banana skins placed around rose bushes will rot down and provide nutrients.
  • When planting seeds in pots, put a wet coffee filter in the bottom of the pot, this will hold in the dirt yet let the water seep out gently.
  • To water hanging baskets slowly and gently. Place a handful of ice cubes in the centre of the basket overnight. The cubes will thaw slowly and water the plants.
  • Wipe tools with an oily rag before putting them away to keep them in good order for next time.

Today's trivia question:
What explorer brought pigs to North America?

The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. --Chinese Proverb


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