Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why Do I Act the Way I Do?

One of my critique partners recommended Tim LaHaye's book: "Why You Act the Way You Do." She had a valid point (critiquing my two main characters in "Chef Over Love" [second in my romance series] ) so I ordered it from Amazon, received it yesterday.

I read a few chapters last night before I went to bed, but couldn't sleep well. About 1:30 a.m. I was up. Hubby was, too, and I tried talking to him, but I'm afraid all he was interested in right then was getting back to sleep. Since I was jumping out of my skin, I grabbed WYATWYD and read more. About 3:30 I went back to bed. Sigh.

Anyhow, the results? Now I'm dissecting everyone's personalities, including my own! Ergggh!

For me, it's lots of fun, but it's also useful. I love applying the contents (what I've learned) to my characters, and I predict will be a big help in projecting their personalities on paper. So . . . tax write off? Grin.

Here are the four basic personalities Tim lists. Remember that a person's personality can also have secondary personalities, and perhaps even a third one. There are lots of varibles, including our environment, our parents personalities, our raising, and life in general.

  • Positive traits: outgoing, responsive, warm and friendly, talkative, enthusiastic, compassionate
  • Negative traits: undisciplined, emotionally unstable, unproductive, eggocentric, exaggerates
  • Positive traits: strong-willed, independent, visionary, practical, productive, decisive, leader
  • Negative traits: cold and unemotional, self-sufficent, impetuous, domineering, unforgiving, sarcastic, angry, cruel
  • Positive traits: gifted, analytical, aesthetic, self-sacrificing, industrious, self-disciplined
  • Negative traits: moody, self-centered, persecution-prone, revengeful, touchy, theoretical, unsociable, critical, negative
  • Positive traits: calm, quiet, easygoing, dependable, objective, diplomatic, efficient, organized, practical, humorous
  • Negative traits: unmotivated, procrastimator, selfish, stingy, self-protective, indecisive, fearful, worrier

There you have it. Don't forget there's lots of secondary personalities. No one person is all of the above, good or bad. But if this catches your interest, make sure you're entirely honest with yourself. It doesn't do any good to cover up that negative trait.

God's salvation can make the stingiest person a better giver. His work in a heart can produce forgiveness instead of revenge. That's what makes it all so interesting.

At least to me.

Here are a few fun license plates you can try to figure out. Enjoy!


Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's forthcoming attractions. --Albert Einstein



sharen said...

That was interesting!!
We are going to Gettysburgh for next week but I'll catch up on your blog when I come back.

Caroline said...

Ooooh! Wish we could go. Love Gettysburg! Have tons of fun. You all deserve it.

sharen said...

I wish you could too. That would be fun. I'll have my cell phone on me if you change your plans!!LOL
We are leaving Monday and will be back Thursday. Can't be gone too long because of the dogs.

The story that you just finished,is it the one I never got to finish reading????

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