Monday, July 16, 2007

Hot Air Balloon Get-Away!

How would you like to start your married life in a hot air balloon? Starli and Joel did.

That is, in my second romance novel: Joel arranged for a hot air balloon to pick them up to leave for their honeymoon. Romantic, huh?

What kind of ideas would be romantic for a couple?

  • Hot air balloons, for sure!
  • What about a honeymoon on a sailboat?
  • How a space shuttle trip to the moon? (Of course, you'd probably have to be an Arabic sheik!)
  • What about a houseboat trip down a river?
  • What about someone playing a flute or a sax (I love sax's) at your wedding . . . now, that interests me (for a novel!)
  • How about using your very-much-loved pet dog for your best man. Wouldn't he look sharp in a tux? (and my Noah would add to the music with his bass barking!)
  • Live in the country? Why not invite your guests to come in what they're comfortable in . . . or barefoot? And the bride and groom is barefoot!
  • Or you like plays? Have your guests come dressed in their favorite characters! Whooeee! The bride and groom can go as Romeo and Juliet!
  • You like healthy and simple? What about water instead of punch?
  • Everyone uses carriages or limousines now-a-days. How about an antique car, maybe something in the 50's. Ooooh, I love it!
  • What if the bride and groom put on a mini play for their guests?
  • Or the parents of the couple sing to them?
  • What if the couple reads to them from their journals--their thoughts about the other (?) or their desires and hopes for the future?
Possibilities, possibilities. What fun the imagination is!
More on hot air balloons later . . . gater!

Those who send their kids to public school should be alert to keep their kids on the top of things. Here are a few hints to give you and them a head start:
  • How does the teacher grade the students? Is it mostly based on class work, home work or class participation. If you child is not doing well, ask which area needs improvement.
  • When talking to the teacher find out what role you are expected to be. Are you supposed to review home work before turning in? Is there anthing that you need to help with?
  • When speaking with the teacher, if something is said that you do not understand, ask the teacher to clarify. It is better to know than to not understand and have your child miss out.
  • If your child's teacher says that your child needs more help with a subject, ask for suggestions about where to get the help. You can try to help your child yourself, but most of the time you will not be as effective as a stranger.
  • When at all possible, take your child with you to the conference. The teacher will know exactly who they are speaking about and prevent any confusion.
  • You don't have to wait for a conference to speak with any teacher. If you feel the need, contact the school directly and set up an appointment to meet with the teacher. Also give enough inforamation so that the teacher can be prepared.

Man is so made that when anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish. --Jean de la Fontaine


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