Thursday, August 09, 2007


An illustrious ideal immediate illustrator needed for my children's stories. I cannot pay a large sum, perhaps even very little. BUT you will get your name on these books as the illustrator.

What do I want? I'm not sure I can describe it. But here are some points that I FEEL inside of me that are needed about this person's art ability.

  • Need not be a Van Gogh talent
  • Has to have the feel of life about it
  • Can be black and white
  • Can look even childish
  • Must speak to children (if I can FEEL it when I see it, then children will surely feel it)
  • No stiffness, but loose and almost 3-D (I think that's the term I want)

Interested? Know someone who'd like to help me out here? Who'd like to advance their artwork just a little? Contact me ASAP. I already have five stories finished; they're begging for someone to illustrate them. Not christian, per se, but definitely stories that encourage children to build good character traits. Fun, exciting, and perhaps aimed for an age group of children from three or four to eight years.

Vacationing Hints. I read a blog the other day (and I don't get to read very many, because . . . of course--too busy) . . . anyhow, this blogger talked of tourists. Thought it'd be relevant to us. When we travel, visit other places. You get the idea. Here's a few . . .

  • Don't slow down 40 miles an hours slower than the speed limit just because you're lost and need to read the map. Pull over and stop. Then read. Duh.
  • Don't reach into the back seats (or the dash) looking for something. Have a passenger do it, or stop if you're by yourself. It's not that important--or if it is, you'd better take the time to quit driving for five minutes and find it.
  • An obvious one: don't throw trash out (fines!) or leave trash lying about. Don't destruct property just cause it doesn't belong to you. (Not too hard to figure out; but you wonder sometimes when you see all the witless people who do it.)
  • (One of my pet peeves coming up) S T O P means stop. It doesn't mean running stop. It doesn't mean stopping behind the car in front of you who just stopped. It means STOP. Do it.
  • Be considerate of residents properties and lives. Do you want someone pulling in front of or in your driveway and snapping pictures at the oh-so-cute-house or pounding-on-your-door-for-a-sample-of-that-darling-flower-specimen? Do you? Neither do they.
  • Finally, back off. Back off from aggressive drivers. Back off from suspicious characters. Back off from forward beggars. In a few words: watch your back, take care of your own, consider the considerate.

Fame is the scentless sunflower with gaudy crown of gold; but friendship is the breathing rose with sweetness in every fold. --Oliver Wendell Holmes


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