Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Horror of It All

Did I catch your attention? I hope so. Cause I got this terrific idea this morning for a book. Listen, my children, and you shall . . . oops, wrong line.

Hubby has been going crazy the last few weeks. Seriously. He declares he smells an "off" smell between the kitchen and the utility room. I can't smell it. I heard him asking Son No. Two last night if he smelled it. I couldn't say for sure, but don't believe Son No. Two answered, meaning, in my interpretation, that he didn't.
Human nose in profile

And to make matters worse, hubby insists that it's moving into the living room.

I had to laugh this morning because . . . all of a sudden this great light shone . . . no, that's not what happened . . . this idea just loomed into my brain. This scenario would make a wonderfully scary novel. It could go two ways:

  1. Creepy Smell Slowly Invades Entire House including the people, and can't be stopped. Maybe even have it take over a whole town. Who knows how terrible it can get? Title: "The Smelling House."
  2. Obsessive person goes slowly mad over a smell he thinks he smells--but no one else can smell. (Sort of E. A. Poe-ish type of story.) How about: "The Smell"?

Anyhow, it sounds fascinating. The only problem is: I don't write horror, don't like it (too scary for me--I'm too emotional. Laugh). Sigh. So I guess I'll have to give up that brilliant idea . . . unless, I can somehow incorporate that into a cozy. Hmmm. I wonder . . .

If you don't hear from me ever again, you'll know we've really and truly been invaded by . . . THE SMELL.

I'll keep you posted on hubby's state of mind.

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Yumanbing said...

I tried to read your tips about understanding what I'm reading, but my mind kept wandering ...

Caroline said...

Join the crowd! LOL

sharen said...

LOL LOL You and you imagination. You and Austin could come up with a great story!!LOL

Caroline said...

I'd love to plot a children's story with him sometime! Wonderful idea. We'd be a hit!

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