Friday, February 08, 2008

More "Oh, Joys"

Any of you ever heard of Margie Lawson? She's a psychologist/lecturer who is fascinating, smart, and I've had the chance to sit under her tutelage a couple of times lately. One thing that's stuck with me (among many other things) is her positive thinking teaching.

If you ride an emotional roller coaster as I do so much, you'll relate and possibly benefit from this. She says that when you're lying in bed at night, right before you go to bed, think of three positive things about the next day.

I suppose it could be positive things that you want to happen.
Or three things you can be thankful for.
Or maybe three good things you want to do.

However, she's trying to say, and does it very well, to begin thinking positive instead of so much negativism. If something negative happens, just look at it as another step toward your goal.

So . . . all that leads me to what I want to say. I'm going to end this day (blog) with some real joys in my life. Here goes. . .

  • A critiquer who gave me the words of praise I really, really needed for my cozy.
  • A friend who sent me such a funny message that I smiled all day whenever I thought about it.
  • Another sort of long-distance friend who found a motor for my beloved jeep! Yeah!
  • A phone call from a loved one just when I needed it.
  • Making a shift in my life at the right time
  • Doing what I love--writing
  • Sisters and brothers who love me and encourage me--I'm such a selfish person. Is that negative?
  • A mother who's still active and alive.
  • Sons who love us.
  • A wonderful writing agent and her splendid assistant who are going to help me realize my dream.
  • Two girl friends who began as young writers that I mentored (and still do sometimes), but who've turned into real, serious writers. What a blessing they are.
  • More time to write.
  • Oh, yes, I don't want to forget this one: I just found out recently that I have a niece who is a writer. How awesome is that? More about her later, after I've read her book.
  • And a God who makes it all possible.
No wonder I love my life.

The world is round, and the place which may seem like the end, may also be only the beginning. --Ivy Baker Priest


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