Friday, March 21, 2008

You Asked For It

You know what happens when you encourage some people? They don't know when to quit. So . . . for fun (???) (for me, anyhow. Laugh!) here's some thoughts about Easter and life and spring in a sort-of-poem-ish way. . .

Enjoy! (If you can)

Hey . . .

What's it all mean?
It all may seem
Like not much at all
In this world built like a ball.

But . . .

Thinking of spring
And what it will bring
Makes my heart ting
And my voice croak and sing.

So . . .

What about the weather?
And the wild geese and birds of feather?
They know it's soon time
For all creatures to sit and rhyme.

And beware . . .

Spring has crawled in upon us
Moody and fickle, flirty, with lots of fuss
Ushering in peeping toms named flowers
New constructions called flower bowers.

But that's not all . . .

A wonderful, glorious Easter holiday
Full of promise, a day with beginning rays
Of new life and wonder and forgiving
A new way to think, a new way of living.

So . . .

Think bunnies and eggs and colorful new clothes
Think sunrise breakfasts with your brand new beau
Think heavenly cantatas and hams and kids' baskets
Think stones rolled away, never about caskets.

Cause . . .

The flowers and trees and plants and the bees
All scream of a creator much smarter than you and me
He knows what I need: the sunshine, snow, and the tears.
The struggles, the compliments, all thru the years.

And, so . . .

  • I'm looking forward to the real spring instead of this teasing, impish female of a month called March.
  • I'm dreaming of seeing the renewal of life in my flower beds.
  • The new shoots from some of my favorites.
  • The fun of choosing different plants.
  • I'm thinking of shedding these heavy sweaters and boots.
  • (And forgetting about the conditioners and fans and sweat and muggyness of summer)
  • I'm thinking of cool breezes and traveling again.
  • Of new plots and twists and fun and writing and publishing and beginnings.
  • Of the planning of conferences and meeting editors.
  • Of traveling to a new place called Minnesota.
Thank you, God, for life and you and the love of doing stuff that's fun. For family and friends and animals and all the necessities and some fun stuff too.

Have a great Easter.

Not all those who wander are lost. -- J.R.R. Tolkien


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