Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm so excited! I have two new big beds.
Four poster bed

Of course, they're not made yet. But at least the basic part is there.

I'm talking flower beds, that is. We've been wanting to get these made for a long time, but thanks to the generosity of some good friends, we were able to pick up the beautiful stone that makes the foundation for the beds.

Now to get the compost. Then on to choosing the lovely flowers that will grace the beds. And the ornaments.

One of them is beneath my Redbud tree and the other is right below my garden pond and circles the big oak that stands beside our lower driveway. This last one I made a little bigger because it already has a huge rock there that hubby found somewhere. It also contains some moss that I plan on leaving there. And an odd shaped smaller rock that looks a little like a sentinel.

So all in all, yesterday was a good day.

Two beds in one day. Now that's accomplishment.

The work praises the man. --Irish proverb



Karen Double said...

Dear Carole,
Sounds like some things in life are coming together for you. That is nice.
Karen Double

Arlene said...

Sounds like you are coming along good with your decorations. good luck on the rest of your work. have a great weekend.

Yumanbing said...

Cool. Gardens of all types are fun. I pulled my first radish and onion of the season yesterday.

Caroline said...

Thks, ladies, my gardens are a joy to tend & I love spring when I can begin to work in them again.

Bro, yum! I'm jealous! Love ya!

Belinda2 said...

Good luck with your flower beds. I know they will be pretty. Wonder where you got the rocks??? LOL Thanks a bunch for filling in for us.

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