Saturday, April 19, 2008

Where Do I Wanna Go?

For starters:

  • Minnesota this fall to my writing conference.

Crooked Creek in Gospel Hump Wilderness, Idaho
Crooked Creek in Gospel Hump Wilderness, Idaho
  • Idaho this spring while hubby has business. Maybe we'll get in a day or so of sightseeing.

  • Alaska would be nice. Always wanted to go. Wouldn't even mind seeing a few grizzlies, as long as they stay their distance from me. You know: you mind your business and I'll do the same.

Gondolas in Venice; Rialto Bridge in background

Gondolas in Venice
  • I'd love to go on a tour of Eastern Europe: England, France, Italy, maybe even Germany. And a few other countries around there.

The koala and the eucalyptus forming an iconic Australian pair.

The koala and the eucalyptus forming an iconic Australian pair.

  • I think I'd like to see Australia, at least some of it. No alligators, thank you.

A view of the Acapulco coastal region.

A view of the Acapulco coastal region.
  • And more of Mexico. As long as I don't have to run into any dope-raising people. (I'm all for safe in real life. Love to write about danger (it's glamorous in fiction), but give me safe living. LOL)

And closer to home:

  • How about more dates with hubby to our usual places? Never get tired of that.
  • Been craving a good steak. Now that sounds like fun: a good steak house.
  • Coming up on the 28th: a tour of Barbour Publishing here in Ohio. Wow. That's impressive.
  • A few quick one-day visits to places of interest close by.

Then . . .
  • I wouldn't mind (never, ever) seeing N.M. and Arizona again this year.
  • Got a hankering to see California, especially northern Cal and San Francisco.
  • Been yearning for Montana.
  • NEED to see the Smokies again . . . soon!
  • A trip to North Carolina could be on the calendar, shortly.

And, forget (unless I get a reason to change my mind):
  • Florida. Sorry, too, too hot.
  • Pakistan and Iraq (I'm not into getting blown up, thank you!)
  • Swampy places: several good reasons: alligators, snakes, and creepy things.
  • Quebec: They say they really can speak English, but when I was there, they were very unfriendly.
  • Any place that has too many diseases. (I know, I know, I'm a coward. What can I say?)

So there you have it.

Now if I can only fit all that into my schedule.

Life without friends is death without a witness. --Spanish proverb



Yumanbing said...

Can't believe you didn't mention Oklahoma!

Caroline said...

Oops, sorry! Gotta get that right next time!

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