Saturday, July 19, 2008



Not my car or my head.
My computer.

Got up the other morning and nothing . . . much, anyway. Of course, I freaked out (sort of).

Ta da, ta da, ta da. (That's the sound of horse hooves with a knight riding up to save the day.)

My son repaired, restored, re--whatever until . . . voila, today, I have almost everything back to normal.

Except a few little glitches.

Like . . .

Anything I had on the hard drive not saved.
Thank God, I wasn't that stupid.
(Don't say it, folks!)

I had all my manuscripts stored elsewhere. Only a few critiqued items from others that I hadn't had time (or took the time--when I was being lazy!!!) to critique on my own manuscripts

And then, there was the few documents that weren't that important--I lost them.

Lost critiqued material I was returning to a fellow critiquer.

And I lost your email addresses you all had sent me.

So . . . please re-send them, so I can pester you now and then.

Just thought you needed an update.
And now you know . . .

what's happening.
where I've been.
what I've been up to.
why I haven't blogged this week much. (the one day was pre-done)
I haven't been lazy . . . (tongue in cheek)


Some pray on their knees on Sunday and prey on their neighbors the rest of the week.


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