Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Book

Tomorrow I will feature on my blog a new CHRISTMAS book. A friend of mine is one of the authors. I've seen the cover and it's absolutely gorgeous. Don't miss it!

She's also including in the blog tomorrow a fantastic recipe for you to try.

And for added good measure, she will draw a name out to win some real goodies! So make sure you comment, email me, call, snail mail, or pigeon mail a remark about the feature tomorrow.

I'd sure hate for you to miss out on a good thing.

Come on, folks, check it out. You might even want to order it. It would not only make a fine gift for yourself, but great gifts for others. AND, you get the chance to order it early for this year's Christmas.

Be a sport. Check it out. Watch for it. Don't forget.


People who never get carried away should be. -- Malcolm Forbes


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