Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Haven't had any Salt 'n Vinegar chips forever.

But I went to a writing meeting a couple Saturdays ago and they had them with the pizza served. Yum. Not too puckery-making, but delicious. I've been craving them ever since.

Haven't had any Taco Salad in a long time.

Every time I've got to a fast food place my gaze lingers on the listing that says "Taco Salad." I gave in the other day and order one. Totally good! Of course that meant I had chilli three days in a row . . . but who cares?

Haven't had any vanilla peanut clusters in what? Over a year? Saw some in the grocery the other day and gave in to the whim. Hiding them & nibbling on them one or two a day. HMMMM.

Haven't had popcorn in awhile.

Wore myself out on the already-popped version; sick of the kind you pop in the microwave, so hadn't eaten any for some time. While in Indiana a few weeks ago, we had some. Struck a note and bought some more this week. Good!

Feel the cravings for future stuff, like:

Pumpkin pie
Turkey and dressing
Ham for Christmas
Homemade biscuits
A good egg sandwich
A banana split
A diet coke soda (you know with the ice cream in it--and I know, diet coke? Oh, well, I can justify having the ice cream, you see.)

What are you craving?

Here's kind of an amusing quote. Thought you'd enjoy it:
Got no checkbooks; got no banks. Still I'd like to express my thanks--I got the son in the mornin' and the moon at night. --Irving Berlin


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