Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let It Snow, what?

It snowed yesterday. I mean, it snowed. Not those tiny little half-rain, half-snow dots that we get occasionally this time of the year, just to make sure that we haven't forgotten what the north is like.

But real, real snow. It was beautiful coming down yesterday. The first real snow of the year; big, fluffy white puffs of snow that created a magic world for just a while.

But this morning we've got less than an inch, but there is snow on the ground.

And cold.

Now I can take the snow (as long as I can get out sometimes), but the cold?
Forget it, I hate the cold weather. Not just nippy weather that brings a blush to healthy cheeks, but that bitingly, bitter, windy cold temperature that chills your very soul. Brrrr!

This has always been my favorite season, from September through December. Love to decorate, love to celebrate, love the cooler temperatures.

But have you noticed how different this year's been?
Very little rain.
Hot, hot weather.
Some cold, then warm, then hot, then cold again weather.
Unpredictable. Un-normal for this time of the year.
Finally, after months of no rain, we get some this month.
Now, this cold, cold and snow.

I think I'll go south.

On the road to success, you can be sure of one thing: there is never a crowd on the extra mile.


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