Tuesday, December 30, 2008

After Christmas

Glad it's over?
I don't know if I'd want to go that far.

The day was special. Family and friends gathered here with a delicious meal (even if I fixed the majority of it!).

The guys gave me one of the gifts on my Christmas wish list. Can you guess which one? I love it.

Some special notes of interest about the day:

Son # 2 was in a especially good mood.
Son # 1 invited a friend from work who enjoyed the food with us.
Cream Puff visited that day.
The Christmas tree twinkled beautifully all day.
Boys were happy with their presents.

Animals were spoiled rotten by my two nieces.
Everything ran smoothly.
My new desktop scene is striking.
A beautiful day outside.
Love and goodwill were in the air!

Have a good week!

Real happiness is cheap enough, yet how dearly we pay for its counterfeit. --Hosea Ballou



Christa said...

Glad you had a good Christmas.
Love ya, Ornery!!

Caroline said...

So glad to hear from you!

Christa said...

It has been a long time since you blogged.....What happened to you?

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