Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Financial Struggles?

Then check out Tiffany Colter's new newsletter filled with tips and information for those hurting financially and suffering depression over all the bad news. There is help for these individuals.

I know Tiffany personally; have sat in her marketing classes; have fellowshipped with her at different meetings. She's a go-getter. She's a survivor. She's a helper.

Check it out at:

I think you'll be glad you signed up!

What can be done at any time is never done at all. --English proverb



Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter said...

Thank you so much for helping me spread the word about my new website "The Balanced Life".

I work daily to provide meaningful tips in common-sense money management that people can use to live a more balanced life.

Tiffany Colter

DeeJay said...

Was looking at your bio picture, which I love. Very nice, but it looks like somebody stole your shoes.


Caroline said...

Yup. Gotta be original!

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