Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Emma and Me

(A very brief description of Emma and Me)

I read this one awhile back when a friend loaned me the book. Poignant, touching and shocking are words that describe this "new" author, Elizabeth Flock's book for me.

Not an inspirational, but still a book that holds attention, it's written from an eight-year-old child point of view. The girl lives in an imaginary world communicating with her "sister," Emma, to shut out the real world--her father's death, her unstable mother, and an abusive stepfather.

Worst of all, she's lost all her friends, her mother thinks Carrie's lost it all, and everyone calls her crazy. Only Carrie isn't. She's only blotting out what really happened to her father.

If you want to read a book that will have you crying one minute and horrified the next, read Emma and Me.

To pick up a book is to gamble with your life, because you have no idea how it may affect you. --Katherine Ramsland



Amy Deardon said...

Hi Caroline -- I'm on Kelly's loop, and thought I'd say hi! Your blog is wonderful :-) This book sounds a little spooky -- thank you for letting me know about it. Happy writing!

Caroline said...

Thank you Amy! ARe you following me? Grin. I'll ck yours out to!

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