Wednesday, July 01, 2009


What does it take to be a second-guess-er-writer?


Take some: Anxiousness.
Throw in a few: Wishes that didn't happen.
Check out the: Fast heart rates.
Sprinkle in: A touch of inferiority.
Toss in a dash of: impatience.
Smother it all with: Rejections!

And you have a situation that is ripe for second-guessing yourself. You get to thinking:

I should have written this novel differently. Or . . .
This novel isn't any good. Or . . .
What am I doing trying to write anyway?

But, if you're a writer, with a great agent, then you've got a chance of
coming out of that thick soup of despair! Ha.

She/he can set your feet right back on the solid earth where they belong with a few words of encouragement, advice, or suggestion. Instead of swimming in a fluffy cloud and never getting anywhere, she/he can help you re-focus your ambition, your calling, your career, right where you know it should be, but are so moody, sometimes, you let IT all side-track you.

Thank God for agents. Heaven's gift to writers!

Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others. --Robert Louis Stevenson


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