Monday, September 21, 2009

More Writer Tips

  • Donna Hanover says: Work hard at several projects. That way, no matter what is going wrong, something will die going right.
I like this, but it's because I do it. Whether you're writing more than one novel at a time (usually I have two or three going), or editing, research, writing, plotting, or whatever, it keeps your mind keen and fresh for your projects.

You hit a snag in your novel?
Edit another one for awhile, or go back over the one you're working on. Lots of times I discover a thread I've forgotten about which gives me a new target to aim for.

Your mind is a total burnout?
Start fresh on some new research for that idea you've had for years. Add it to your files to use when you're ready. When you come back to the novel you're trying to complete, you'll be eager and ready to resume working.

Can't quite get the ideas going you need for your new novel? Give your critique partners a call. Set up a half-hour, two hour, whatever, session. Let them know your basic idea, and then sit back and get ready to jot down all the ideas that will soon be flying your way.

Fortune favors the brave. --proverb


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