Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It ain't no piece of cake, folks.
It's a lot of work, dreams, work, disappointments, work, rejections, work.
Got the idea?

To succeed, you've got to write a piece of work that catches some editor's attention, somewhere. I mean, how would you like 76 rejections? Got tough enough skin to survive?

What you gonna do when you reach that horrible, depressing place about a third way through a 45 thou novel, and you can't think of another word to write. What cha gonna do?

Write, write, write.
Just keep writing one word at a time, one line, one paragraph, one page.

Ah, did you know: one page a day, should harvest out to be about a book a year. Now that sounds doable, doesn't it? Thanks to Kelly who brought that to our little, finite mind.

And, that's not all. You get to go to expensive conferences. You get to do tons of research (for your novel so it can be realistic, and for your proposals so they can be appropriate). You get to mingle with people far more important than you are at your present state. You get to beg (well, sort of) for editors and/or agents to look at your novel.

Still want to be an author?

Then, dig in, cause if you've got the determination, the grit, and the desire, you can do it.

Work? Ah, who cares about that? It's the glory of getting that new idea, the beauty of writing those first words on a page, the luxury of typing "the end" to a completed manuscript, the joy of obtaining an agent who believes in you, the screaming, hilarious wonder of signing your first contract--and every other one after that.

Either I will find a way, or I will make one. --Sir Philip Sidney


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