Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winner of Roseanna White's Book!

Jaime won "A Stray Drop of Blood!" Congratulations, Jaime.
As soon as you contact me with your address, Roseanna will get your book in the mail. (

Thanks so much, everyone for commenting! I'm sure it made Roseanna's day.

Author: Toni Cyran-Brock

Toni is the author of Prisoner of Love. It's non-fiction, but a terrific book for those who have (or might know of someone) loved ones/friends in prison.

Here's a small blurb about the book:

Today, over two million Americans are incarcerated and nearly 10 million family members are waiting for their loved ones doing time behind bars. Prisoners and their families ,by proxy, lose many of their civil and personal rights during the time of incarceration. Prisoners of Love is a 300-page guide designed to help these family members and their loved ones behind bars strengthen their relationships during the time they are incarcerated. The book, written by real people in this situation is filled with ways to use the time to better survive and thrive as individuals and as a family. Prisoners of Love is filled with stories that the incarcerated and their family members can identify with and hands on ways to improve every situation in their lives.


The book features chapters on these topics:

  •  How to keep love alive during times of incarceration.
  • How to use the time to deepen bonds with loved ones.
  • How to make time for writing and visitation.
  • How to plan for a visit to a penitentiary.
  • How to use the time to grow as individuals.
  • How to spot a player.
  • How to deal with death, dying, and grieving.

Maybe you don't need one, don't know of anyone who needs one, but could your church use a copy? The library?
Don't miss out on a chance to win a copy!
Blessings, dear readers.


Roseanna M. White said...

Congrats, Jaime! I did indeed enjoy reading all the comments. Thanks for visiting, everyone!

Carmen7351 said...

Definitely a winning book to help prisoners. Please enter me.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Caroline said...

And I echo Roseanna's comment!
Without you wonderful readers, blogs wouldn't happen.

Carmen, you're entered! Thanks for posting.

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