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The winner of Jena Morrow's book "Hollow" was Dawn! BUT I haven't heard back from her, so, Dawn, please contact me today. Tomorrow morning, I will contact the second person on the list for the book. Gotta keep things moving, readers, and we don't want to drag out the suspense too long! Smile.

Wednesday, April 21, I'll have on this blog exciting news about Faith and Finances, the new devotional book being promoted by Eddie Jones and Cindy Sproles.

Here is a very short interview with multi-published author Irene Brand, who is a contributor to "Faith and Finances":
Irene Brand talks about Faith and FINANCES: In God We Trust, A Journey to Financial Dependence.

Question:  Please share details of how you became associated with Christian Devotions Ministry.

Answer: I needed someone to prepare a video trailer for my forty-fifth inspirational romance and was directed to Cindy Sproles, co-founder of the Christian Devotions Ministry: During the making of the video, I was impressed by her dedication to the evangelistic outreach of her ministry’s devotions, and when I was asked to prepare some devotional messages, I was pleased to do so.

Question: Why did you opt to write a financial devotion?

Answer:  I believe that the way people value their finances indicate the strength of their spiritual life. I have been treasurer of our local church for many years. I know the members of our congregation quite well and have some knowledge of their financial background.  Although we have many who give faithfully, and generously, I suspect that a small percentage of our members actually tithe based on New Testament principles. For one thing, most of them tithe on the amount left after all deductions are made. I’m sure that our church’s situation isn’t an exception. Therefore I welcomed the opportunity to pass along my beliefs (based on Scripture) in Faith and Finances.

Question:  How has God worked through you in financial giving?

Answer:  My husband and I were tithing when we were married. We both agreed that we should tithe on the amount of our salary before any deductions were made, and that this money should be channeled through the local church. We have never deviated from that practice. The Lord has blessed us, not with wealth, but with the satisfaction of knowing that we’re part of the worldwide outreach of the Church. We believe that we never start “giving” until we’ve exceeded the tithe on our gross income.

Irene Brand ( began writing inspirational novels in 1984. With forty-five books and over two million copies in print, Irene still holds to her grass roots of faith, family and friends. Irene and her husband live in rural West Virginia. Her devotions, “Of All I Possess” (page 45) “Tithe on a Salary of $15.00 a Week?” (56) and :Sam I Am” (page 107) appear in Faith & FINANCES: In God We Trust.

Next week, April 28th: Donna Winters with her Michigan series books and a great giveaway!.

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