Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Paint Horse Tale . . .

At the apartment where we're staying, this horse lives next door.
She's young and homesick for her old home, I think.
And maybe a little rambunctious on top of that.
Young and restless.
Spoiled? Maybe.
(Is that how God sees me? a little rambunctious in my wants and desires? Restless to have it NOW? Spoiled from all the good things he's given me already? But loving me anyway?)

Tired of being there, she sought for an escape route and found one.
Hubby saw her through a window out back of our place and went after her.
She trotted innocently onto a well-traveled road.
Fortunately there are decent people in this world.

(Do I innocently - or not - seek my own path - the one that will get me THERE faster?
Fortunately, for me, there is God!)

A neighbor ran out and flagged oncoming traffic.
Business men from across the street shut their gates and treated her to an apple from some guy's lunch.
Hubby led her back to our yard to await for owner to appear.

Lady Paint was given good grass to eat all day, lots of loving pats and visits so she wouldn't get lonely.

(Ready to help me and lead me in the path I should go, even when I pull on the reins!)
Too bad I can't fly her home with us. LOL
Owner finally returned home late and hubby informed her of horse's dangerous adventure.
She was grateful. I just hope she's more careful.

(Let me be thankful for all God does for me!)


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Stephen and Janet Bly said...

Loved reading about your neighboring horse and the thoughts it inspired!

Janet Bly

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