Friday, September 03, 2010

Please welcome Diana Flegel (Hartline agent) today as she offers a fun opportunity to share some of your writing with us!

Ask the Author by Diana
Dear Reader,

I am often amazed at the varied inspiration authors come by.

Will you share on this blog today by telling us some of your wackiest, zaniest or most inspirational plot inspirations, titles or characters you have come up with when hit smack dab in the face with inspiration? Has a billboard, news report or family member provided a jump off place for your writing?

50 words or less please.

We look forward to your response.
BTW: These are my red and green velvet Christmas skunks that were made by my Amish cousins. Any one see a story there?

From my heart to yours,



Karen said...

My favorite character was inspired by my mother. She always seemed to find humor in everything and the oddest things always seemed to find her. She also had a problem with mixing words up--saying marijuana for marjoram. That led to my Annie Pickels who thought she was putting marjoram into her pickle recipe.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Oh, my. 50 words or less, huh?

I find my inspiration from the ditzy things I do and say, then pray for ways to apply them for my readers.

When I mistakenly planted onions ten inches deep and two inches apart instead of the other way around, I rejoiced that I'd invented a new way to grow onions.

If you're willing to laugh at yourself, you can find humor every day. In the mirror.

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