Friday, November 05, 2010


Why is it that sometimes there's someone who passes through our lives--just for a moment, a week, a month, maybe longer, who affect us profoundly? Who touches our lives in such a way that we don't--can't--forget it or them.

That's what Amanda's mother for me. Don't get me wrong; I didn't know the woman; hadn't met her yet. That's right I didn't know her, yet I did. In the last few days, I heard more about her than possibly I would have learned had we had a chance to talk. Maybe.

How did she affect me? I've thought about this and realize it's not been something I've necessarily wanted, yet the details of her life, her death, her influence on so many in the community, it's all impressed me whether I desired this touch on my life or not.

  • She's made me want to be a better person. Less complaining, more generous, more loving . . .
  • In spite of her physical problems, she put others first. I don't want to ever live selfishly.
  • She made me aware--again--or my own mortality. And those around me.
  • She made me appreciate the fact that I've had my own mother--to enjoy, to share events with, to love, and seek advice from--for a lot longer than twenty-one years. I'll lose my own mother in a few years--at the most--make the most of the time I have left.
  • She's made me want to be MORE friendly. She loved everyone. She never met a stranger. She remembered those she met, even if just for a moment. I want to be like that. Or at least strive for it.
  • Her death reminded me what I've missed; what I'll never get a chance to experience.
  • She's helped me more than ever to appreciate each day that God gives me.
There's more. Much more. But that's enough.
Thanks, Teresa, wonderful person, who in our eyes (those who knew her and those of us who didn't) should have lived much longer, but who in God's eyes was wanted in heaven. We'll miss you.



Karen Lange said...

Lovely. Very thought provoking, thank you.

Caroline said...

Thank you, Karen, for taking the time out to comment. Blessings to you!

susan miura said...

This was a touching post, Karen. Thanks for sharing it. I also enjoyed the interview with Vannetta Chapman.

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