Friday, August 12, 2011

Review of The Prophetess One
by Linda Rohrbough

Back Cover:
It's a very different kind of war. Why would God choose a pregnant computer programmer to fight it? All Anna McClintock wants is a peaceful stretch of beach she can walk to with her new husband, Jack, and her soon-to-be-born child. Jack is finishing his engineering degree this semester and the two plan to leave his Kansas home to build their lifes together.

But when Anna finds herself in jail for the murder of a preschoo child she tried t save, she realizes she is alone, except for God. She has to rely on new-found spiritual gifts as well as her wits and skills in order to save herself, her unborn son, and her marriage.

And she has another decision to make. This one affects the entire nation.

My Take:
This is one book with all the characters appealing to me.
  • Anna, with her hesitant, yet decidedly-chosen-by-God personality and talent for seeing things that she doesn't want to see.
  • Jack, with his husbandly fears, and anxiousness to do the right thing.
  • The snooty friends, with their airs of pretending concern.
  • Theo, with her godly obedience, yet touch-of-the-past look.
  • Kyle, and his youthful rebellion and needs.
  • Dr. Moody, with his sinister hate and determination to carry out his plans.
Good, well-drawn characters that the reader can relate to.

It's an excitiing roller coaster ride from the first page to the end. From the first page to the last one, the reader will be taken on an exciting journey.

I loved the love between Jack and Anna, in spite of his annoyance with her and her visions, in spite of her reluctance to admit her "seeings." Their love was strong even when he didn't-wouldn't-understand her, even when she shrank from acknowledging her ability--the burning truth--within herself. There is a connection between them that is real.
Anna's first mistake is in trying to save a preschool child, but when the little girl dies, Anna is accused and arrested for murder. Doubts flood in: does anyone care what happens to her, a simple pregnant woman? Does her husband even love her enough to try to raise enough bail to get her out?

It's only when an older woman, Theo, hippish, weird and the only one to not only get Anna free of her jail bars, but to urge her to listen and use her inner gifts.

But Anna would rather not go against her husband's wishes or even to answer the call to serve her nation. Should she believe this old woman who says God told her she'll have no need of her property, with her unworldly wisdom? Should she listen to her husband who practically begs her to forget her visions?
Or should she do what she knows is right and the only thing that will give her peace?

But peace seldom comes without a price, and Anna's not sure if she wants anything at all to do with the whole notion that she's the one to save her nation, whether they listen or not.

This is a novel that deals with husband and/or father relationships, one that brings school bullying and the hard facts of what it does to a child to a vivid consciousness. It's a book about obeying God even when obeying is difficult and friends and family don't understand. If you want to read a book that will change you forever, will cause you to seek God for a deeper walk, and question the reasoning for leading a monotone life, then get The Prophetess. A great book!


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