Friday, October 07, 2011

Have you Hugged Your Pastor Today?

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I’m not telling you that October is Clergy Appreciation Month because my husband is a pastor. But because your minister needs to know that you appreciate him or her.

If your pastor, preacher, or priest is like my husband, he or she:
• weeps as they stand by the graveside of your loved one;
• spends countless hours praying and preparing messages they hope will help you live freer and happier lives; • rejoices when your team wins a game, your test results come back fine, or you get a new job;
• sits with you while your spouse or parent goes through surgery;
• counsels you during the throes of marital trouble;
• answers the phone and the doorbell at all hours, regardless of what activity it interrupts,
• does all this with a smile and a heart full of love for you, and the Lord who called them to minister to you.

I know you appreciate the services your minister does for you. I’m sure you could think of twenty other items to add to my list without much thought. Sometime in the next thirty days, show them what they mean to you by giving them a card, telling them how they’ve touched your life, or praying for them.

It will make their life and job sweeter, and you’ll be blessed for honoring them.
Have you ever had a thankless job? How does it make you feel when someone notices and appreicates you?

Thanks, Jen, for sharing your post on my blog this week!

Blessings, readers.

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