Friday, January 27, 2012

A Darkly Hidden Truth

Donna Fletcher Crow has written an amazing book filled with historical tidbits and showing lots of research.

This mystery adventure book involves a twenty-something woman and her friends. The story opens at a Catholic College for future nuns and priests in England. Set in a modern-day environment, the author flashes back to medeval times and the life of a holy woman at that time. It all takes place in central and southeaster England, north of London.

As Felicity seeks to make a life-defying decision about her vocation in life, her friend Antony, asks her to help recover a missing ancient icon. She resists becoming involved in the mystery by focusing on her search for her vocation. Just as she is leaving, she receives a letter from her mother who will arrive to spend some time with Felicity.

Running, Felicity leaves to avoid the mystery as well as her mother, only to become more involved with both.

With some medival history, truth, and fantasy, the story evolves into a thriller-adventure for Felicity and her friend. Her mother accompanies them on part of the adventure while they travel back and forth, searching for clues and answers. Danger lurks in some of the old restored churches. Twists and turns keep you wondering "who-done-it?" as the young woman faces her past as well as the death of a friend.

This is one novel even when you put it down for awhile, that calls you back to find the answers to all the questions Felicity seeks.

An insightful look into some early history of England, a grand read, and perhaps even, some spiritual enlightenment.


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