Friday, February 10, 2012

A Bit of My Life

B is for boys

I had two sons. Sometimes I've felt like I was in a boys dormitory, but most of the time I loved it. My guys were adorable, irritating, smart, ornery, funny, sweet, hyper, smart-mouthed, precious and loved very much.

Sometimes I would have sold them for a nickel (not really!) and other times wouldn't have taken a million dollars.

Now I have three grandboys, the youngest two weeks old today (how time flies!). I can't thank God enough for these three blessings and only pray he keeps his hand upon them and helps them to grow up loving him.

Blake with baby Jonathan

Wesley with baby Jonathan



Karen said...

So blessed. Beautiful!

Daniel and Regina said...

Wow Congrats to you all! Our Baby Girl is due April 24th

Arlene said...

Those grandsones look cute. Don't spoil them[ha ha].congerlations.

Elaine W. Miller said...

We share a love for our grandchildren. So sweet. Thanks for your post on my blog.

Elaine W. Miller

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