Friday, April 27, 2012

For the Stressed Out Writer . . .

Okay, so ANY woman can enjoy these. Just remember to take some time out for yourself. Even five minutes sometimes does the trick for me.

* When you get home from work (or running errands or acting as a chaffeur for everyone) take fifteen minutes for yourself. If your children are young, settle them into an activity that will keep them occupied. Other than that inform everyone you're NOT to be disturbed!

Lie flat on the floor (or your preference of position. Relax each portion of your body. (and enjoy the nap!)

* Try open-eye meditation. Gaze at a pleasant picture, a candle, a scene outside a window. Keep your mind focused on it and/or pleasantness.

* Try a home spa! Turn your favorite music on and light a candle. Scent your water or use scented shower soaps/creams. A hot tub, whirlpool tub, even a hot/warm shower can do lots to relax tense muscles.

* Other times: go for a stroll after dinner. Take a class you've always wanted to learn about. Play a game with your family. Let yourself enjoy a craft.

* Even if you can't live your dreams all the time, enjoy what you do have. You may not live in a mansion, but take pleasure in those new pots and pans. Enjoy the hummingbird that persists in showing up outside your window every morning. Or go chase some fireflies in the evening or the butterflies in the morning. Thank God you're alive!


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