Friday, June 08, 2012

So Your Book's Not Doing So Well . . .

Every writer's dream is to be published.
Then to be successful.
Add a secret desire for making it to the bestseller's list.

Sometimes, none of those happen.
Instead we get one and two star reviews.

Glance through these one star reviews:

The Phantom Tollbooth - 804
A Little Princess - 288
Twelfth Night - 409
All Creatures Great and Small - 118
A Room with a View - 525
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - 1008
Anne of Green Gables - 2074
Pride and Prejudice - 15993


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has 2,843 one-star reviews.

A Wrinkle in TimeA science fiction title for teens and young people, has 4,359 one-star reviews.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy touted as funny and insightful and a classic, has 11,212 one-star reviews. Eleven thousand, two hundred, and twelve.

Hamlet written by Shakespeare, arguably the most popular work by the most influential writer in the English language, has 2,198 one-star reviews.

King Lear, a Shakespearean play, has nearly a thousand one-stars.

Where the Wild Things Are, the most popular children's book in America, perhaps? And it has over 2,000 one-star reviews.

Curious George? Nearly 1,000 one-stars.

The Cat in the Hat? Over twelve-hundred

Check out your own favorite (how could anyone NOT love this book?) books' reviews and see how many received one star reviews. Not every one is going to love the same book. Remember that, and be glad for the one who does love your book and gives it a five star review.

Happy reading.





Karen said...

Neat perspective. I always used to encourage myself by remembering how many rejections some of those best sellers got before they were best sellers.

Elaine W. Miller said...

You made my day! I don't have any one star reviews yet. Looks like I'd better get some if I want big sales.

You are so right. Not everyone loves the same writing which does not mean the writing is not good.

Blessings on your writing, dear Carole.

Elaine W. Miller

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