Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Interviews and Updates

Recently I was invited to join the "new" Barn Door Book Loft: a blog that totally focuses on two-day interviews and spotlights of authors. Sharon Lavy and I, Carol Ann Erhardt and Karen Robbins have revived the blog! It's going strong with lots of interesting interviews and giveaways!

So . . . check it out. For now, I'm pointing you to it and hope you all will be as faithful as you've been when I've interviewed authors.

Here's the link:

Here's the cute little guy who helps choose the winners of giveaway books on the Barn Door Book Loft Blog:

A doll, isn't he? 

But don't forget to check out  my short Sunday devotionals, Mondays' gratitudes, and Fridays' fun posts here on Sunnybank blog.  Who knows what I'll come up for Wednesdays. I'm praying about it. Smile.

Blessings, you faithful readers!

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