Friday, November 23, 2012

Oh, Dear Oh, Dear . . .

Way too busy. Will that excuse fly to you, my readers?
Are excuses EVER any good?

I hope so, cause I really have been very busy and totally forgot to check on the weird picture contests I'm having each month.

October's picture was:

And though only two commented, I've still chosen Linda Kish as the winner of THREE books (I added an extra one because of the above excues. lol). Congratulations, Linda, and if you'll email me at browncarole212 at yahoo dot com, I'll get a list of books to you so you can choose what you'd like.

For November I'm offering FIVE books to the winner of my choice. These books are not new, but in good shape, and hopefully you'll enjoy them.

Here's the picture:

Tell me how it stirs you. What hopes spring forth when you view it? What fears? Anything? Nothing? Does it remind you of why you hate the cold/winter? Or do you remember sledding? Ice skating? snowball fights? I wanna hear you!!


1 comment:

Linda Kish said...

It makes me think of cold. When I was little I lived in New Jersey and I loved the cold and snow. It was fun to play in the snow and ice skate. I left there in 1964 for the sunny skies of California and now I look at pictures like that and am so glad I don't have to deal with that. I have that thin blood that flows through the veins of people that don't live in cold and if it gets below 50, I don't like it.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

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