Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Name the Green Contest . . .

In honor of the upcoming release of my book, The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman, I'm holding at least one contest a month until the book publishes!

Answer one of these or all five to enter March's contest. The more you answer, the more times your name will be entered into the contest:

1. Give me the name of your fav green food.

2. Name something about St. Patrick's day that is interesting to you.

3. Why did God make green grass?

4. Tell me why you'd love to win a trip to Ireland.

5. Tell me the name of a book, a picture, or a song with the name of green in it.

You've got until March 17th midnight to answer. I'll draw a name on the 18th.
You can answer one question to be entered into the random drawing. OR answer all five to have your name entered FIVE times.

No right or wrong answers, but you must answer at least one to enter.

Five books with green in their covers. Some are romance. Some suspense. Some with a little mystery. These are books from my shelves--not new--but still good. I'll give you titles and you're welcome to choose or I can send you a selection.

What? You want more? Easter's coming this month too! Check back later to hear what I've got planned.

Enjoy! and spread the word about my book. I'll thank you!



Karen said...

1. Those little green minty jelled leaves.

2.St Patrick's Day became a lot more interesting when I was born that day ;-)

3. He's a God of Peace and green is a tranquil color.

4. Been to Ireland. Loved it! Would love another trip in the land of the leprechauns.

5. My In A Pickle book has a lot of green pickles on the cover!

Daniel and Regina said...

1. Pear/Lime Jello salad

2. The fact that you get pinched if you are not wearing green on that day.

3. God loves color and He wanted variety

4. Ireland has always interested me and the story of St Patrick on Adventures in Odessey has inspired me.

5. Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

March 13,2013

Sherry Carter said...

1. Believe it or not, spinach!
2. The leprechaun's pot of gold.
3. It looks beautiful against a brilliant blue sky.
4. I'd love to see it's lush, rolling hills.
5. Anne of Green Gables.

Parenting Expert Brenda Nixon said...

fav green food = mint ice cream

St. Patrick's day that is interesting to you = legend of the Shamrock.

God make green grass = He'd just finished the ocean & turned His attention to a different color.

love to win a trip to Ireland = the lush green fields & landscape.

name of a book, a picture, or a song with the name of green in it = Karen's In A Pickle book.

Parenting Expert Brenda Nixon said...

Mint ice cream

The legend of the shamrock

He just finished making oceans & turned His attention to another color.

The lush green fields.

Karen's In A Pickle book

Sharen said...

1. The name of my favorite green food is,apple green lollipops.Sorta like a food..
2.Of course the mysterious pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
3.For food for the cattle.
4.The beautiful land with rolling hills. Magnificent !!
5.The earth brought forth grass...Gen. 1:12a

Lillian Duncan said...

Broccoli is my favorite green food--no wait, asparagus is!! Uhm , it's a toss up between the two. But I know what my least favorite green food is--PARSLY!

Parsley is an annoyance to me!!

jude urbanski said...

The story of St. Patrick has always interested me and he really did not drive "The snakes out of Ireland!"

Collard greens!

Thanks, Carole!

Janice said...

1. Key Lime Pie (made with green food coloring)
2. Story about St. Patrick and snakes (should have been around for Eve!)
3. Green grass was made by God to help rid cats of hairballs
4. I have never been to Ireland and it has always looked so lovely in pictures
5. Green Eggs and Ham-book; Harmony in Grey and Green: Miss Cicely Alexander-painting by Whistler

Janice jsmithg(at)hotmail(dot)com

Holly Magnuson said...

1. Broccoli (with a dash of cheddar cheese)

2. That we pinch people not wearing green... just odd!

3. Because Purple Grass would have looked silly.

4. A fun place to take pictures.

5. Gone to Green by Judy Christie

joye said...

Great prize. i will have to think of what those green titles would be.
1. I love steamed broccoli
2. They say Irish are lucky. I read that in a 10 foot square of clover there is at least 1 4-leaf clover. The trick is to find it
3. God made green grass because he saved purple for Barney
4. I would love a trip to Ireland or anywhere for that matter. I love learning about new food and different cultures. I heard the Irish are always smiling. Who wouldn't want to be around those kinds of people?
5. a book title starting with green is Green Dolphin Street

Linore Burkard said...

Fav green food: Avacodos!
2. My hubby's birthday is on
St. Patrick's Day (No, his name isn't Patrick--it's Michael)
3. To feel all the cattle on the thousand hills
4. Because it's IRELAND!
5. How Green Was My Valley

Don't enter me in the contest, Carole. I've got too many books as it is! I just wanted to stop by and participate for the fun of it. :) Can't wait for your book to come out!

cathy avery said...

1. Pistachio Salad

2. It originated in Ireland.

3. To feed the animals.

4. To visit castles and cottages.

5. The Green, Green Grass of Home. (song)

JackieW said...

1.I love green beans.
2. St Patrick drove all the snakes from Ireland.
3.I think God made green grass to hold the dirt onto the Earth.
4. I' ve been to Ireland and would love to go back again...everything there is green.
5.Wasn't there a song from the 40's
Called Green Eyes?

Pat Iacuzzi said...

This sounds like fun!

~ Food: Mint-chocolate chip ice cream

~ Great Irish dancers or listening to the group "Celtic Woman"!

~ Grass is green because green stands for peace and because it contains chlorophyll to feed God's creatures.

~Would love to go because my maiden name is O'Brien (and I'm getting older :)

~"Green, Green Grass of Home" Tom Jones (partwright2000(at)yahoo(dot)com

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