Saturday, May 11, 2013


Contest for May
to Celebrate the release of
The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman!

This is Mothers month. Caralynne in The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman, is a loving and caring mother. She feels like a nobody in lots of ways, but she adores her two remaining daughters.
So, tell me, in your own words:
What makes a good mother? 
Who's been an influence in your life and why?
Doesn't have to be fancy or elaborate,
doesn't have to be a birth mother,
but it needs to catch my attention.
Bring tears to my eyes,
or laughter to my lips!
Touch my heart with your comments!
You might be the winner of this:

4-piece tumbled stone butterfly magnets
1 diecut three-layer notepad and pen
1 pack of sticky note folio
a set of six butterfly garden stone coasters
1 large gourmet bamboo cutting board

Winner for April's contest was:
Jill McCarty.
Congratulations, Jill.
Hope you enjoy your gift
and return for more information about my upcoming book release!


jill said...

Not having a mother while I moved into adulthood, married, and had kids has been challenging. Never having a Christian parent made it even rougher. Women in the church who parent with grace, kindness, laughter, and balance have been an inspiration to me, and that is what I try to pattern for young women now who may not have that mother figure. You are so, so needed, Christian women willing to be transparent about your parenting strengths and weaknesses.

stephanie gagnon said...

A good mother to me is a mother who can be your best friend talk with you about anything, go shopping, cooking together, or just hanging out. But also a good mother is a mother who isn't just your best friend but she`s there to dicipline you when you need correction, and tell you when your out of line. Also she will be a Godly example before you and make you say when I grow older I want to be just like my mom.
I`d have to say my grandmother has been a great example to me. She has always been there with me through it all from my first crush to my marriage and having kids. I can talk to her about all my problem. And she was a wonderful Godly example to me. She took me to church every service and to church camp and revivals. She also would try to guide me in the right direction. My parents weren't christians while I was growing up and some of the things they`d dress me in grandma would look at me and say "do you think that makes Jesus happy" or course i`d say "no" and she always had something for me to change into. She is a wonderful Grandma always praying for me and my family. But she also goes shopping with me and out to eat and sometimes we just sit around talking. Its always good to go to Grandmas where there is definitly a grand"mothers" love.

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