Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Morning Peace

Think on These Things
What have you done for the Lord today?
Can you think of the vanished moments and say:
"I spent them every one for my Lord.
I started the day with His precious Word."
Then I lifted my heart in prayer to Him,
Till heaven was real and earth was dim,
And my Savior was personal and dear,
And all day long I could feel Him near.
He guarded my tongue, my feet, my ears,
Dispelled my worries and stilled my fears.
He showed my that only those things would last
Which I did for Him, and that time sped fast.
He taught me that nothing was ever too hard
If it was done in the strength of the Lord.
And all through the hours, as the moments sped,
I, the body, and He, the Head,
I lived so that all that I met could see
His Holy Spirit shining through me.
--author unknown

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