Wednesday, October 02, 2013

REVIEW: Flashback: A Thriller by Kevin Mark Smith

Back Cover:

He’s on the verge of making his dreams come true… Then a dream, a dead client, and a mysterious stranger shatter his world… 

Kenneth Cartwright, Attorney at Law, is a success by all the world’s standards. He’s even landed the client that will earn him the law partnership he desperately craves. Yet, a simpler, happier life haunts his dreams, making him regret his life choices. Just as he begins to see hope of that life becoming reality, those connected to his wealthy client begin dying. Can Kenneth solve the murders before success destroys everyone he loves? 

Kenneth’s nightly flashbacks are to a simpler life, one not nearly as successful as the one he’s living. Why does he wish the dreams were reality? More important, why do the dreams feel more real than reality itself? Will the trappings of success destroy him and everyone he loves before he discovers the truth behind his dreams? 

Stacy stumbles across a sad yet successful lawyer in a coffee shop. How can someone who looks so successful be so empty? As their friendship grows they discover there’s more to life than just success, and that the love of money truly is the root of all evil. Will they survive the evil closing in? Will Ken finally discover the joy he’s been missing in his life?

My Thoughts:

This is an amazing book. I've always loved John Grisham, but Kevin has nothing to be ashamed of. Fast-paced, action-filled, and suspenseful, this book will keep you reading to the last page, up at night if you dare read it in the evenings, and wanting more from this author. 

The protagonist wonders if the life he has is all it should be, but when he lands a job that involves danger and suspense and romance and promotion, he will find out, through disturbing dreams he must interpret, what is really the "world" for him. 

I heartily recommend this book and recommend you watch for more novels from this talented writer.

About the Author

Kevin Mark Smith is an evangelical criminal defense and family law attorney in Wichita, Kansas. He graduated cum laude from Regent University School of Law in 1999 where he served as Issue Planning Editor for the Regent Law Review and clerked with the American Center for Law and Justice. Kevin is a former Assistant District Attorney for Sedgwick County, Kansas, and an Allied attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom. He serves on the Kansas Board of Indigent Defense Services. You can read his writings on the Constitution and home school education in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine,

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