Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Introducing . . . Denton and Alex Davies!

It's a thrill to introduce these detective--even if they are amateurs! I'm Caroline; Carole's interviewee, and I'm so-o-o excited to finally get some answers I've been dying to know. They've agreed to an interview so without any further ado, here they are!

Caroline:  Welcome, Denton and Alex! First off, Alex, do you mind your name being shortened from Alexandria? It's such a beautiful, elegant name.

Alex:  Not at all, Carole. I've gotten used to it. When we were first married, Denton began calling me Alex as an affectionate nickname, and it stuck. It works for everyday life.

Caroline: Tell me, how did you become amateur detectives? And why amateur?

Denton: In our first case, our pastor's wife asked us to locate an adopted nephew, Tony Risler. We did but the only problem was, he was murdered. Reluctantly--"

Alex interrupts:  You.

Denton glances at Alex (exasperated, I think): Me, then. We knew we needed to find out why Tony had been killed and what was going on. Not only because it interested us, but because of Selena Mathias, Tony's adoring aunt.

Alex: An we're amateurs because we've never had training. We use our eyes, ears and brains to lead us to clues that can possibly give us answers.

Denton: I really didn't want Alex involved. Way too dangerous!

Alex (tosses her head): Nonsense. It was a lot of fun, and as I always say, gave us purpose for the traveling.

That brings me to something I've wanted to ask ever since I read the book: What about this traveling? Do you love it? Why did you retire so early? How do you decide where to go? Do you miss your home? What about--

Denton (raises hand): Whoa! That's a lot of questions. I'll answer a couple and Alex can give a couple a shot.

Why did we retire early? Because I've worked hard all my life. Fortunately my business took off in the early years and I gained some very good clients. I didn't want to wait so long we couldn't travel and enjoy it. I knew it was time. Besides, more than anything, when our daughter Kelly asked if she could help me in my landscaping business, and I saw how well she did, I knew I had a replacement. She loves it. I keep a hand in a little, giving her advice when she asks, etc. After that, all I needed to do was find the right RV and persuade my wife to retire early too.

Alex, frowning a little: Which I really didn't want to do. I worked hard too to build my real estate business, but it didn't take off as early as Denton's, and it's only been the last few years that it's boomed. I hated to give it up just when I could enjoy what I'd worked so hard to achieve. Yet Denton wanted so much to travel, I gave in. Unhappily, yes. But thankfully, I finally realized, it wasn't all about what I wanted in life. We had health, a wonderful daughter, and each other.

Caroline: So you ended up in Carole Brown's first cozy mystery. How exciting is that?

(Both speaking at once) 
Alex: Very!
Denton: A surprise, but nice too. 

Caroline: Wow. Can't believe time's up. You two will return, won't you, so readers can find out more about your adventures to come? 

(Both nod vigorously!) 
Alex: We'd love to.
Denton: Sure thing.

Caroline, laughing: One last question: Do you have more books coming this year? I know I hope so!

Denton: Yep. Two. At least we're hoping so.

Alex interrupts: Bat Crazy will hopefully appear in June, and Daffy's Duck in late November.

Caroline, pleading: A tidbit about both please.

Alex, laughing: We got involved with the Bat Crazy case because of a conversation I overheard in a truck stop. It involves two kinds of bats, two brothers, and a dark, dark place.

Inline image 1Caroline: Dark, dark place? What on earth do you mean?

Alex laughs: Sorry, can't tell anymore right now. You just wanted a tidbit, didn't you? Here's the preview cover though:

Caroline: Looks great. And I think I know what you mean by a dark, dark place. :)

Denton (sniffs, but there are twinkles in his brown eyes): If you think her's looks great, take a gander at mine.

Alex: It's mine too.

Denton, grins: I know. I'm teasing you.

Caroline: And the cover?

Denton: Right . . . here:
Inline image 1
Caroline: What's it about? Tidbit please.

Denton: I received a strange letter in the mail from a man I hadn't heard from in years. In fact, I thought he'd died. He was always an odd bird.

Caroline: Bird, as in ducks?

Denton: Maybe.

Caroline: And the name of the book comes from . . .?

Denton: Well, obviously you can see there are ducks in the story. The rest you'll have to wait on.

Caroline: Fantastic. I'll let Carole know we need to have you back right away.  Best to you both, and have fun with your mysteries!

Alex and Denton: We will. Thanks.

Caroline: There you have it, folks. An introduction to the newest soon-to-be-famous (I think) amateur detectives. Fun times ahead, sounds like.


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