Monday, April 07, 2014

Belated Monday Morning Gratitudes

Rain: it means I'm not suffering through a drought
Thoughts: it means I've still got my mind, or at least most of it!
Trials: I'm really not very thankful for them--sorry! But I am thankful for how God brings me through them.
Strength when I think I don't have any more.
Time off when I didn't know I'd get it.
Anticipation at the approach of Easter worship
A special note that brought joy to my heart.
Faithful people who carry through
A pat on the shoulder that did more than the giving person realized.
Requests that are delightful!


1 comment:

Sherry Carter said...

Great list! I can SO relate to the "at least I have my mind" sentiment. :)
Do praise the rain! We are in a severe drought!

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