Tuesday, May 13, 2014

God Calls by Randy Kirk: one tremendous book!

Randy is participating in the John 3:16 Book Launch this month. 

I'm not much of a nonfiction book reader, but when I do, the book needs to capture my attention immediately. This book did. I heartily recommend this book! Impacted me.

My Review of Randy's book:
Are you hungering for a closer walk with God? Do you realize that
you need something more than what you have in your spiritual life? Then God Called by Randy Kirk is the book for you to read.

From the first chapter this book caught my attention. Filled with nuggets of wisdom and the instructions and encouragement to step out in faith for a fuller walk with God, this book carefully points out what it takes to go a little further in your daily life: to become a true disciple of Christ. Easy? Not at all. But for a very real sense of satisfaction in knowing you’re doing what you’re suppose to do at the right time in your life, becoming a disciple of Christ will give you a peace and fulfillment from a choice and decision that you must make. Excuses abound plentifully, no matter what age you are, to prevent one from praying the prayer of discipleship, and yet it all depends on your desire and willingness: are you willing to become humble and forsake all to follow Christ?

Kirk’s scriptures drive home his points and his knowledge in the topic is outstanding. His examples and quotes and expounding pinpoints the problems individuals have, the cost many will have, and the solutions to a life of happiness.

I heartily recommend this book for all serious Christians!

When asked to read a copy of this book, I readily agreed, but was duly surprised at the impact the contents had on my own thinking and life. Being in an active ministry with my husband, I know what sacrifice and hard work means, and thought I knew what giving all to Christ meant. Yet I was convicted by the words that proved to me: to be a true disciple of Christ, one must be perfectly willing to do God’s will, to accept humbleness as part of their life and to choose to live this way with no strings attached. God’s will is my will.

I sincerely encourage all Christians to read and act on Kirk’s book. Well, done, Mr. Kirk. You’ve given readers a powerful book.

Randy Kirk
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