Monday, May 05, 2014

Monday Morning Gratitudes

Rain: two ways to view it

  • depressing day
  • a day to stay in, stay warm, get things done, read a book, enjoy the closeness of God, a special talk with a friend, or family.
That we escaped the horrible tornadoes from the midwest. 
Seeing new life in my gardens
The color of purple:  flowers, red bud trees, the meaning of dignity and richness
The touch of understanding
Sandwiches which hubby prepares
Playing games w/Jonathan
The pleasure from a child of the gift of a special rock
Lily and Bella.



Sherry Carter said...

We dance in the rain out here in west TX.
I love the line about the gift of a small rock. All gifts from little hands are precious.

Caroline said...

What made the rock gift so special--I gave it to her cause I knew she likeds rocks like I do. It's a very pretty white marble rock w/glittery stuff--Anyhow, she told someone else it was her very favorite gift even though she'd gotten other things as gifts too. Made my day. :)

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