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Amazing Hartline Agency Writers!

Excited to feature Raquel Brynes and her book on my blog! I love her cover, but her genre . . . oh, my! I. Can. Not. Wait. to check out her books!  

The second book in the Noble Island Mystery series just came out! 

Set on the same mysterious Noble Island as the first book, this one delves into the strange and secretive ways of the island's Romany people. 

Secrets at Crescent Point is a Gothic Romance with intrigue and thrills, I know you'll love Raven and Siyah's adventure!

Here is an official blurb...

Leaving Noble Island amid scandal and accusation, Raven vows never to return, but when her sister’s fiancĂ© goes missing, Raven has no choice. Shunned by the island, if she is to unravel the mystery of Niklos’s disappearance, she must rely on the only man she’s ever loved, Siyah Cavaler.

Siyah was devastated when Raven left Noble Island, but as the clan’s heir apparent, he has a responsibility to keep the families from falling into ruin and crime. To preserve the island’s future, he agrees to a bride from a rival family, but Raven’s return stirs his heart and jeopardizes his position in the council. Giving in to his love for Raven would mean turning his back on all he’s ever known.

When Raven’s investigation uncovers a grisly discovery, a darkness is unleashed that threatens them both.

Bizarre accidents, unexplained deaths, and strange apparitions shroud the island. Raven and Siyah struggle to save the families and their love as they race to stop another death and unveil the Secrets at Crescent Point.

Below is the amazing video Pelican Book Group put out for the series....enjoy!

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Website: Raquel Byrnes Books.com/
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/raquelbyrnes

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So thrilled to introduce Dawn Crandall to all of you! Love, love, love her cover, and that she writes historical romantic suspense makes me all that much more eager to check out her book!

Be sure to follow her on her links, go to Amazon and buy her book and PLEASE . . . if you enjoy her book, write a review for her! Reviews are golden eggs to authors! Lol

Now, Dawn Crandall . . .

The Hesitant Heiress” 

by Dawn Crandall

With the rare ability to play the piano by ear, Amaryllis Brigham wants nothing more than to someday found a music school. However, someone keeps undermining her hopes and dreams at every turn. 

Despite her own misgivings, she soon finds herself quickly falling in love with the most unlikely of men—the son of the very man she suspects has been bent on ruining her life. However, Nathan Everstone turns out to be much more than he seems… and everything she never knew she wanted. But can she trust an Everstone man?




Dawn Crandall writes long inspirational historical romantic suspense. 

She has a BA in ChristianEducation from Taylor University and lives in northeast Indiana with her ever-supportive husband and their newest addition, a little baby boy. 

Learn more about Dawn and The Hesitant Heiress from the August 2014 blog 

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There you have it for Surprise Author Feature Tuesday. You never know when I might post a promotional feature, so stayed tune for the latest in GREAT books!

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Carole Brown's Books:

The Redemption 
Caralynne Hayman

(women's fiction 
with strong elements of 
suspense and romance)

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Hog Insane 
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COMING! Nov 2014: 
With Music in Their Hearts WWII Spy Trilogy, Book 1

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 Wonderful blessings!

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