Monday, October 06, 2014

Monday Morning Gratitudes

October's blessings:

1.  Leaves of color to spread on a table, to use for a school project, to line a plate, to use in a craft to walk in

2.  Cool air to fan rosy warm cheeks from the afternoon sunrays.

3.  Pumpkins to decorate, carve, set on porches and on hearths, eat.

4.  Sounds: the wind blowing promising October's rain, geese calling their friends to join them in their journey south, wherever that might be, leaves crunching on the soft moist earth, lawnmowers gobbling up the last of the grasses who dared grow an inch above where wanted, rain tapping on windows

5.  Smells: pumpkin pies, scented candles, straw bales on porches and barns, smoke from bonfires, apple pies, and apples' crisp smells

Go a little wild this October.
Breathe a little deeper.
Open your eyes wider.
Trust a little more.
Enjoy this month, this week, this day!


1 comment:

Sherry Carter said...

Such a wonderful fall list. Fall doesn't hit here until end October/early November but it gives me something to look forward to.

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